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This website is based upon our recently published book "A Guide to Simplex Narrow Gauge Locomotives". 

In preparing the book, we deliberately restricted our objectives in a number of ways. We specifically confined ourselves to narrow gauge locomotives, describing each type manufactured by the company with photographs where possible so that the general enthusiast has enough information to identify a particular member of the Simplex species. 

(Although the book did not cover standard gauge locomotive types, nor tramcars, or railcars, this website will (hopefully!) be expanded to do so.

The reason for deciding to restrict the scope of the book in this way was primarily to ensure our task was achievable within a reasonable period of time. We worked under the maxim that it is better to publish a relatively cohesive part of the story than to publish nothing at all. There is so much to the Simplex story that a small booklet could never do it justice, but equally there is no substantive work available or close to publication that we know of on the subject.

In this vein, we also invite readers (surfers?) to provide corrections or additions, where known. There are certain types of early locomotive, such as the Fowler engined types, about which very little is known and no photographs have come to light. Any information that you can provide would be gratefully received. Although we have done our utmost to ensure accuracy, it is inevitable that the occasional error has crept in and we would welcome amendments for inclusion in any future edition of the book and for updates to these pages.

The works number series has been obtained from the Motor Rail order books held by the Bedford Archive Service and, where possible, has been cross-checked against the Motor Rail records held by Alan Keef Ltd. Where there are small gaps in a batch, such as the 20/28 H.P. type, this may be due to the loco not being built, the record sheet being missing, the order being cancelled or, on rare occasions, the number being allocated to another product, for example a dumper. Where at least one set of records shows a loco, we have included it. Where neither set records a particular number, we have omitted it.

Unless stated, all photographs are original Motor Rail Ltd. material, loaned by Alan Keef Ltd., Bob Darvill and Pete Wood, and are the copyright of Alan Keef Ltd. and are reproduced here by kind permission of Alan Keef Ltd.

The textual content and layout of this website is the copyright of David R. Hall and John A. S. Rowlands. Any person who does any unauthorised act in relation to this publication may be liable to criminal prosecution and civil claims for damages.

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Dave Hall & John Rowlands

March 2002.